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Top 10 Pubs

Top 10 Pubs

Top 10 Pubs of London

London has some of the best bars and pubs in the world owing to its vibrant tourism and successful economy. A pub, short for ‘Public House’, is an establishment licensed to serve alcoholic drinks for consumption on the premises and is so called in countries or establishments with a British influence. It is a place for locals to hang out and can be a place of focus for a community. A bar on the on the other hand is associated with loud, bold, lively music and ambience, and some have dance floors. The term “bar” is derived from the counter on which drinks are served. There are also different types of bars that cater to a niche clientele such as sports bar, comedy bar, dance bars, karaoke bars. Whether you’re looking for the perfect pint, an unassuming drink or a fancy cocktail, there is bar or pub out there that will cater to your taste. Here are the top ten pubs in London compiled by our editorial team

  1. Bar Termini

    Located in Soho, London, this pub has consistently been rated as one of the best in town, serving world-class coffee and cocktails to customers. The classic coffee brews available at the bar are designed to take you back to the old times. It is recommended to try all these flavors even if you have to wait in queue for a seat to become available as there is capacity for only 25 people to be seated at one time. It’s a bit more expensive than other pubs and bars, but a visit will not disappoint you. If you visit in the evening, there is also an option of enjoying some fine food along with your drink.

  2. Bradley’s Spanish Bar

    It goes without saying that this is one of the most popular pubs in London, located on Oxford Street and attracting hundreds if not thousands of visitors each day. It is highly rated by its customers. It is not considered a bar, but a pure traditional pub giving a look of a worn-out setup, offering drinks to people who step in to shed off some stress and have quality time. The atmosphere is friendly and cozy almost all the time, perfect for spending a relaxed evening somewhere away from the everyday chores of life.

  3. The Cross Keys

    Beautiful and well-maintained are two words that cross the mind when visiting this pub situated in Covent Garden, London. The exterior is welcoming enough and the interior speaks of the popular Victorian clutter that Londoners simply love. There are old pictures hanging on the walls, along with many other objects of interest such as horse brasses, road signs, mirrors, old kettles, Beatles memorabilia and much more when you visit this old boozer with all its charm still preserved. The Cross Keys has been called London’s most fascinating bar with all its original Victorian oil paintings and many other antiques in their original form.

  4. Blind Pig

    If you love hidden places especially bars that take you by surprise, Blind Pig is something you’re going to enjoy tremendously. The entrance is just a door that leads upstairs to a comfortable setting with great drinks and friendly service. Since it’s a small hidden away setup, it is loved by youngsters. The cocktails are simply amazing and worth waiting for even when the place is jam-packed. Since it is unobtrusive, it is advised that if you are visiting for the first time, you take directions from someone who has visited before since there is no sign indicating its presence.

  5. Coach and Horses

    An 18th century building has been renovated to house this popular pub with all its beauty and grandeur. It has stained glass windows and an overall lovely and irresistible exterior. The name is reminiscent of an era when such facilities were first made available to the general public for unwinding and having some great time away from the dull and monotonous daily routine. The Coach and Horses at Bruton Street is a must-see especially if you’re visiting London for the first time and enjoy ancient buildings.

  6. Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

    One of the endearing qualities of a pub can be its age. It is believed that this pub has been around since 1538; however, it was renovated and re-built in the year 1667 after the Great Fire of 1666 and it is now one of the best pubs in London. Located at Fleet Street, this pub features interior wood paneling that simply oozes class and luxury. Virtually every English monarch has visited this facility at least once in their lifetime. If you want to see the true old London, don’t forget to pay this pub a visit while you’re visiting London for business or pleasure.

  7. The Churchill Arms

    If you want to see a pub that does not exactly look like a pub, The Churchill Arms is the place to visit. Located at Notting Hill, the floral-covered exterior is a distinctive feature that can be spotted a great distance away. The bar got its name from a good number of Winston Churchill memorabilia hanging on the walls. It is not just a pub it is also considered a restaurant with authentic Thai cuisine. For decades, it has acquired a reputation of serving its patrons with wonderful Thai dishes. You might need a reservation if you want to eat here with family or friends so don’t forget to call them up before visiting. If you are a Thai food lover, this pub is a place you should not miss out on.

  8. The Mayflower

    This is yet another ancient pub of London located in Rotherhithe. Some believe it to be the oldest in the city because it was established in 1620. For those who are new to London, the Mayflower will prove to be a hidden gem because it has a rich heritage to boast of. Just stepping into the pub will transport you back in time to the era of some of the old classic novels. In addition to the décor and the ambience, there is amazing food on the menu ranging from a mix of European cuisines to traditional British pub dishes. The bar gives a breathtaking view of River Thames and as you take in the surroundings, you just might drift back in time, picturing how people from back then would have enjoyed drinking and eating at this bar.

  9. Ye Olde Mitre

    Located in a hidden passageway on Ely Court, Farringdon, Ye Olde Mitre is a gem waiting to be discovered. Since it is surrounded by some of the oldest buildings in England, it has a special aura that attracts seasoned drinkers. There is a cherry tree near the front door that instantly grabs the attention. The interiors are well-kept and give a look of traditional old bars where people can gather to relax in an easy-going environment. If you like historical buildings and ancient facilities that have been preserved, don’t forget to visit this tavern while you’re in London.

  10. The Flask

    Hampstead is famous for its originality and a rich history including a number of well-maintained pubs and taverns that go back a long way in time. The Flask is a place where you’re going to lose yourself not because of the quality of liquor served here but because of its unique and mesmerizing construction. There are actually two bars with separate entrances that belong to the same pub yet they have no interior connection. When it was first built, these two bars were meant to serve different purposes. If you’re visiting Hampstead for a personal chore, a visit to The Flask is highly recommended.

London’s pubs and bars are dotted all over the city. A rough estimate puts the number of pubs in the city at more than 7,000! Visit these places to hang out with your friends, family or associates, have fun, and let us know if you have discovered another pub that could be included in our top 10.