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Top 10 Parks

Top 10 Parks

Top 10 Parks in London

London is festooned with lovely parks, and like an oasis in a desert, visitors can relax, get refreshed and energised. Some of these parks offer breath-taking views and are perfect for a number of activities such as picnics, strolling, jogging, reading, or sunbathing. Periodically, some of these parks run events such as live music concerts, sports events and open-air theatres.

Here are the top ten parks in London

  1. Hyde Park

    This park covers 350 acres and is centrally located in London, making it easily accessible. It is the most popular park in the city with over four thousand trees, a vast lake and several rose gardens. Hyde Park is one of the city’s eight royal parks and it features a memorial fountain dedicated to Diana, Princess of Wales. Hyde Park is a hive of activities: there are playgrounds for children, tennis courts, pitches and tracks for horse riding, designated cycle paths. You can go swimming, cycling, skating, boating or you can simply relax by taking a stroll. Hyde Park has a couple of restaurants by the lakeside capable of serving three-course meals or a simple cup of coffee.

  2. Regent’s Park

    Sprawling over 400 acres, this ancient park was built more than two centuries ago. It was designed by John Nash, a famous architect. The Park has very attractive and stunning rose gardens. It has the largest area for outdoor sports in London, such as rugby, cricket, softball and football. There is an open-air theatre for entertainment. Bird lovers can spot water fowls and a variety of wild bird species. You will also find a lake here that can be used for boating. There are several cafes in this park, which also hosts London Zoo.

  3. Richmond Park

    A Royal Park covering 2,500 acres, Richmond Park is the largest park in London and is home to over 600 deer that roam freely. The park is also famous for numerous and attractive butterflies. There are cycle paths that offer both flat and challenging routes. In addition, there are golf courses as well as riding stables. Other activities include power kiting, and fishing at the Pen Ponds. Some people simply visit the park to experience its pastoral landscape that includes a hill and woodlands. The Park also offers educational facilities for people with special needs at the Holly Lodge Centre.

  4. St. James Park

    This royal park is surrounded by three palaces and spreads over 58 acres. There is a lake here and it is home to pelicans. You can watch them being fed and this happens every afternoon. There are owls, water birds, bats and woodpeckers. The Park is also home to the Mall and the Horse Guards Parade Ground and is a setting for numerous ceremonial parades including various national celebration events. Changing of the Guard takes place every day during summer and then on alternate days for the remainder of the year. There is a Park café, in the style of a stylish inn.

  5. Victoria Park

    Located within the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, this park is popularly known as `Vicky Park’ or the `People’s Park’. It was the first public park in this city when it opened in 1845. It stretches out across areas of the East End and it borders the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Garden. Victoria Park has a pavilion along with ponds and canals. It also has tennis courts and sports grounds. Popular events held in this park include the Annual Love Box and Field. It has two cafes, The Park café in the East and the Pavilion Café in the West. There is also a section for skating in the East. Victoria Park is home to a number of historic artefacts and features many decorative gardens. There are open grass lands and natural wild areas. Rock concerts and open air pop concerts are held during the summer.

  6. Greenwich Park

    This is also one of the oldest parks in London and is acclaimed for the breath-taking views that it offers over River Thames and the London City. It is one of the royal parks, and was a hunting park when it was opened. It still has a herd of freely roaming deer. This park is important from the point of view of the Royal Observatory, which is the home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and the Prime Meridian of the World. The Park spreads over one hundred and eighty acres. It has now become a part of the World Heritage Sites. It is also close to the National Maritime Museum. A bandstand hosts concerts during summer and the playgrounds here keep children entertained. Refreshments are served at its three cafes, the Tea Pavilion, St. Mary’s Gate Café and the Honest Sausage.

  7. Hampstead Heath Park

    Located on Hampstead Heath, this Park is only four miles away from the heart of the city. It has a wide expanse of woodland, grassland, and natural habitats.Visitors climb its Parliament Hill to experience stunning views across London. It is an ideal spot for flying kites or simply relaxing and taking romantic walks. The sunset is a sight to behold from this park; such views make it one of the best loved green areas in the city. The Park also includes an open-air Lido along with splash pools and numerous sports facilities and playgrounds.

  8. Green Park

    A triangle-shaped green expanse, Green Park spreads beyond the Ritz. It is bordered at its corners by Hyde Park and St. James Park. It spreads over forty five acres between these two parks. Along with the Kensington Gardens and the Buckingham Palace Gardens, these three parks constitute an unbroken stretch of vast open land that reaches from Whitehall to Notting Hill and Kensington. Green Park was a hunting ground more than three centuries ago.

  9. Battersea Park

    This is a flat and large park and is very popular among joggers. There is plenty on offer here for families who can relax and enjoy in playing areas and the children’s zoo. This zoo is along the riverside and it offers a picturesque walk. During this walk, you can see lemurs, monkeys, meerkats, otters, aviaries and many farmyard animals. There is a Peace Pagoda in this park along with beautiful fountains. You can hire boats for rent and take a ride on the lake during summer. The Park also has a gift shop and a café for relaxation.

  10. Lee Valley Park

    This regional park spreads over 10,000 acres along River Lee from the East India Docks and goes past Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park up to Hertfordshire. It is a huge area for relaxation with plenty of green spaces and natural reserves. There is an opportunity for everyone to engage in sports activities. Sporting activities range from skating at the Lee Valley Ice Centre to riding the rapids at the Lee Valley White Water Centre. Visitors can saddle up and enjoy at the Lee Valley Riding Centre or shape up their bodies at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre. Children can be kept entertained at the Lee Valley Park farms. Cyclists can use the free trails in this park, while golfers can tee off at the golf course. There is a guided tour on offer on the first Sundays of each month.