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Top 10 Hotels

Top 10 Hotels in London

London, being one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, not only features dozens of world renowned tourist attractions, but also a large number of top quality hotels, each unique in its own right. London is filled with the very best accommodations to support its exceptionally successful tourism industry. We have listed 10 of the best hotels here, but that does not mean that they cannot be knocked off the perch by the competition. Here is a list of our top 10 hotels:

  1. The Savoy

    The Savoy is a five star luxury hotel located on the Strand in west London, and it is in close proximity to world renowned museums, galleries, and shopping. A much celebrated and recognised London landmark, the Savoy contains 267 luxury rooms and suites. The Lancaster Ballroom is the largest of the Savoy’s banqueting rooms and it also has its own stage. Savoy gives its guests access to spa treatment, the very best dining experience, a private swimming pool, and a 24 hour gym. As the first luxury hotel in Britain, it introduced electric lights, lifts, hot and cold running water, bathrooms in most of the lavishly furnished rooms, and many other innovations. Early on, it established an unprecedented standard of quality in hotel service, entertainment and elegant dining. It continues to attract royalty, celebrities, and other rich and powerful guests and diners.

  2. Dorchester

    The Dorchester is a five-star luxury hotel located on Park Lane in London, east of Hyde Park. Though established in 1931, and modernised since, it still retains its 1930s furnishings and ambiance. It is one of the world’s most iconic and prestigious hotels, and throughout its history, has been closely associated with the rich and famous. It is a favourite choice of celebrities, world leaders, royalty and high society. The Dorchester has five restaurants: The Grill, Alain Ducasse, The Spatisserie, The Promenade, and China Tang. It continues to receive great reviews for its customer service, afternoon tea service, and the charming sophistication of each of its rooms.

  3. Brown’s Hotel

    Established in 1837, by James and Sarah Brown, the hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel and one of London’s most established hotels. It is noted for its blend of traditional English Victorian sophistication, and a contemporary feel. Distinguished guests have included presidents and prime ministers, royalty and writers. Celebrity guests from the past include: Agatha Christie, Alexander Graham Bell, and Rudyard Kipling. Incidentally, Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call from there. It was re-modeled in 2005 but many of the older accoutrements such as its mahogany panelling were retained. Rooms are all individually decorated, and the hotel contains several restaurants and bars. The bars serve a large number of cocktails and wines and have received many awards for quality of service. The tea room has served afternoon tea and snacks since the 19th century which is an attraction that draws many visitors.

  4. The Ritz

    The Ritz opened in 1908 and gained popularity and fame following World War I. The Ritz is a five star hotel located in Piccadilly in London and it offers an award winning banquet and catering service, which is one of its greatest strengths. It is constructed in the Franco-American style and is now a Grade II listed building. Its 136 bedrooms and suites overlook the Royal Green Park or world-famous Piccadilly. It has a casino in its basement, which features games of roulette, black jack, and baccarat, along with poker and some slot machines. Afternoon tea is provided in the “Palm Court,” which is one of its elaborate dining rooms.

  5. The Langham London

    Established in 1865, the Langham’s superbly styled rooms and suites radiate elegance and opulence. It is Europe’s first “Grand Hotel” and guests have included royalty such as Diana, Princess of Wales, and many high profile politicians including Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle. The Langham has also been the site for many popular films, such as Golden Eye, Wonderland, Winning London, and A Tale of Two Kittens. The present day hotel has a total of 380 rooms, a business centre, 15 function rooms, a private dining room, and a ball room which can accommodate up to 375 participants.

  6. The Connaught

    The hotel has recently undergone some extensive restoration, which has transformed it into a mixture of traditional and contemporary style. The Connaught contains 119 rooms and its main structural attraction is the staircase. The original name of the hotel was the Coburg. The name Connaught is a tribute to the Duke of Connaught. The change was made during World War I because of anti-German sentiment. The Connaught contains a bar, swimming pool, and a spa which has an Asian motif. The bar has received several international awards for its service, quality of beverage, and overall atmosphere. The Connaught gets very high reviews for its customer service and the commitment of the staff to customer satisfaction.

  7. The Mandarin Hotel

    The Mandarin is another quality hotel located within walking distance of many of the attractions of the city. It is located in Hyde Park near Harrods and Hyde Park Corner and it has an Eastern Motif. The hotel provides child care services for guests, as well as massage. The Mandarin has its own restaurant as well as a terrace which looks directly into Hyde Park.

  8. The Lanesborough Hotel

    The Lanesborough is a 5-star hotel on Hyde Park Corner, Knightsbridge, central London, and it has the reputation of being the most expensive hotel in London. It has been in existence since 1719 and was originally built as a country house, and served as a hospital before it became a hotel. The staff ratio is three workers to every guest and a 24-hour private butler is available to each guest. The service is fast and super-efficient. Employees know their business, anticipate customers’ needs beforehand, and move quickly to insure needs are met immediately. The Lanesborough has accommodated visiting royalty, eminent politicians and celebrities.

  9. Claridge’s

    Claridge’s is a 5-star hotel in Mayfair, London founded in 1812. It contains a total of 203 rooms and 67 suites. Some of its other amenities include a modern gym as well as personal trainers, organic toiletries, boutiques and more. Claridge’s speaks of sophistication and refinement. In 1860, Empress Eugenie made an extended visit and entertained Queen Victoria at the hotel. Dubbed an “annexe to Buckingham Palace” because of is connections with royalty, it has also hosted eminent leaders from various spheres of society and professions.

  10. The Goring

    The Goring opened in 1910 and is located across the street from Buckingham Palace in the heart of the tourist district. It is has a total of 69 suites and rooms, and features a huge private garden, which is very well maintained. The garden is actually an internal attraction for the hotel. Croquet is the sport of choice in the summer and is played on the central lawn. The Goring is distinctly English and has a reputation for having the finest luxury and personal service in the world.


There are so many wonderful places to stay in London that we certainly could not name them all here. The competition for business is fierce and if you search well enough, you just might pick up some sweet deals.