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Top 10 Cinemas

Top 10 Cinemas

Top 10 Cinemas in London

If you are a movie buff, then you will enjoy the cinemas in London and some boasting some of the biggest screens in the world. You will also be delighted to know that you do not have to spend a big fortune on your movie tickets in London. Luxury cinemas in this city make viewing of films a highly enjoyable experience. You could bring hot food to your seat table or the cozy sofas while you watch the film, as the best luxury cinemas in London have plenty to offer to everyone.

These are the top ten cinemas in London:-

  1. The Odeon

    The best cinema managed by the Odeon chain is located at the Lounge in the Whiteleys Shopping Centre at Queensway. Odeon is a well-known trading brand in cinemas operating in England. It is managed by the Odeon UCI Cinemas Group under the ownership of Terra Firma Capital Partners. In terms of market share, Odeon is the largest chain of cinemas in the United Kingdom. The very first Odeon cinema was built in 1928 by Oscar Deutsch at Brierley Hill and it was initially known as the `Picture House’. Visitors to the Odeon Cinema at the Lounge in Whiteleys Shopping Centre will enjoy facilities such as the IMAX auditorium, a Costa coffee shop, a bar lounge and a Ben & Jerry’s kiosk for ice creams.


    Located near Waterloo Station, it has the biggest screen for viewing cinemas across the United Kingdom. Those who watch films in this cinema, will enjoy an immersive experience. The screening program at this theatre ranges from projecting the latest blockbuster on IMAX screen to alternative world-class content along with some educational presentations. BFI is owned by the Odeon chain and it has four-screen cinemas. They project approximately 2,000 contemporary and classic films every year. They cover film seasons, famous directors, actor retrospectives and many extended runs of classic cinema. Cinema enthusiasts could view over a thousand hours of free film and television in the Mediatheque and visit its film shop and library. They can also have access to a couple of best restaurant bars located in South Bank here.

  3. Curzon Mayfair

    A two-screen arthouse cinema that focuses on foreign and independent films, Curzon Mayfair is located at Curzon Street. It has a bar and rare royal boxes. A box in cinemas is a rare sight these days. Curzon is considered among the important in world cinema and it offers a huge palatial screen in Cinema One. It also has a couple of luxurious boxes. Mayfair has been a bastion of Curzon Cinemas since 1934. It offers a rich heritage in cinematic history and it has served a dedicated audience of cinema enthusiasts. Curzon Mayfair has access for disabled persons, which is provided through a dedicated stair lift that takes them directly to Screen One.

  4. Greenwich Picture House

    This cinema is located at Greenwich High Road. It is easily recognizable due to its bricks and striking glass exterior. It brings in plenty of natural light on to the section where the box office and the bar are located. It is a preferred location for all film lovers in the south-east of London. The cinema caters for most of the requirements of visitors. The seats are comfortably plump and the theatre offers a nice range of snacks and drinks. Programs are a mix of the mainstream top end film releases with the arty films. There is a bar that provides music and comedy gigs, as well as a Spanish restaurant, which is part of the foyer.

  5. The Screen on the Green

    This cinema is located at Upper Street. It provides a unique experience to all cinema goers. It is managed by Everyman Cinemas, and is an independent network that offers boutique cinemas. Everyman offers a real zeal for quality service, ranging from foods and drinks to choice of films and comfortable seating. The theatre has a nice bar and foyer space. The Screen on the Green gives the impression that you may not be sitting in a theatre. It creates a memorable experience, which exceeds the expectations of its audience and provides high standards in giving them entertainment and comfort. Everyman unit is now one of the fastest developing independent networks in the country. It will be spreading its new sites and expanding over the next couple of years. This cinema is an iconic establishment, which is over a hundred years old. It is a popular single-screen cinema with a façade that is outlined with red neon lights.

  6. Vue Cinema

    Located in Westfield, this cinema is one of the largest cinema groups operating in the world. They are leaders in the premium entertainment sector. Vue is a developer of modern multiplex cinemas. By means of strategic acquisition, it now owns some of the highly respected cinema operations throughout Europe. It is a pioneer in the consolidation of the market of cinemas and is one of the rapidly growing cinema chains in the country. Boasting the giant VueXtreme screen, Vue Cinemas come equipped with Sony 4K Digital projection for real clear images along with Dolby Profound Sound. The screens are 3D-enabled and the auditorium offers super comfortable SuperVue seating. Parents have an option of saving money with Mini Morning shows and Family Tickets. The theatre also offers VIP seating upgrades.

  7. Empire Cinema

    It is one of the theatres in Leicester Square, which is regularly used for first runs or premieres. Previously a ballet venue, this cinema was built in 1884 as a variety theatre in the West End. It offers a capacity of two thousand seats. Empire offers nine screens at this location with digital projections. IMAX auditorium employs the circle seating section of Screen One. It has a steep raking and is considered to be the largest cinema in the United Kingdom in terms of seating capacity. The screen is also regarded as the widest. It is 87.5’ wide and 51.1’ feet tall. Its ceilings and walls have retained a unique design after being altered with the sidewalls moving in and the ceiling being raised towards the screen. The walls are covered with acoustically absorbent black finished material. Concealed lighting changes colours frequently and use is made of light emitting diodes technology. The luxurious seating has black leather upholstery.

  8. The Genesis

    Located at Whitechapel, it is now a gorgeous site after its renovation by specialist designers. The brickwork on the mezzanine level is simply outstanding. Visitors will come across many East End people drinking their coffee next to teenagers on laptops in the cinema’s café. There is also a bar that offers many treats. The snack bar is popular for its jumbo hot dogs and Pick `n’ Mix. The cinema is very famous for its Studio 5 boutique room for screening. It has some of the nicest armchairs that you would come across in any cinema.

  9. The Electric

    This cinema is located at Bethnal Green in Shoreditch, and was known formerly as the `Aubin’. It is a snug little theatre and it has become a part of the Soho House group which also owns the Electric at Portobello Road. Everything about this cinema spells luxury, ranging from its footstools to its leather armchairs and from its fancy little tables to its cashmere blankets. Seats in the centre of Rows B and C have the best view. This cinema is also a popular venue for those looking for a haircut or a manicure as they can use the facilities in the basement of Barber & Parlour, which is in close proximity.

  10. The Lumiere

    Named after the Lumiere brothers, this cinema is located at Queensbury place in South Kensington. It is popular among fans of World cinema, particularly of European films. It is affiliated to Institut Francais. It showcases intelligent programs that involve foreign films. There is regular screening of global and European films and they include both current and classic releases. All films are screened here in the original language, with subtitles in English. It remains a popular centre for lovers of foreign films in London.

There are many fine cinemas in London and they range from single-screen picture houses to large multiplexes. These theatres focus on particular cinema categories. Cinemas in London offer a great time out for friends, families and couples.