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Top 10 Markets in London

Top 10 Markets in London

The markets in London are perfect shopping destinations for both tourists and residents alike. There are lots of great bargains on offer including clothing, fashion accessories, jewellery, art, flowers, antiques, food, or curios to mention a few.

These are the top ten markets in London:

  1. Covent Garden Market

    There are three markets in Covent Garden: the Apple Market, East Colonnade Market and the Jubilee Market. The Apple Market, with approximately 40 stalls, is the largest and is located in the iconic Piazza building in Covent Garden. Visitors to this market will enjoy the antiques, crafts, jewellery, leather goods, specialty shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as the street performers. A large range of curious could also be found every single day of the week. East Colonnade Market is also open every day of a week and it has many stalls that sell products like jewellery, handmade soaps and handbags. There is a magician’s stall to entertain the visitors. Jubilee market is located in the South Piazza. This market changes its wares on a daily basis. The market focuses on antiques on Mondays. The general market offers household items and clothes from Tuesdays to Fridays. Arts and crafts are sold in this market at the weekends.

  2. Borough Market

    This is a popular destination for all food lovers in London. Borough Market is famous for catering to the food buffs and renowned chefs in the city who are looking for real premium ingredients. It is also considered as a paradise for gourmets. The market offers a vast range of organic and fresh produce that includes vegetables, fruits, cheese and meat. It also offers baked treats, condiments and a variety of delicious food found on the streets. There is a large selection of ingredients and attractive treats. Stalls in this market provide quick and delicious lunches. The gourmet food market is made up of more than a hundred stands and stalls. Producers from all over the city and surrounding areas bring their vast range of fresh produce to this market, and this includes meats, fish, ciders, vegetables, cheese, breads, cakes and coffee.

  3. Southbank Centre Market

    There is a large variety of delicious treats on offer in this market. It is located in the Southbank Centre Square, just behind the Royal Festival Hall. The market functions only on Fridays to Sundays and on bank holiday Mondays. Food vendors on this street get rotated and they are selected for their focus on serving delicious and sustainable food and drinks. The vendors are independent and small producers and visitors will come across than forty such producers. The specialists include vendors in spices, confectionery and meats. It promises the best among the food scene in London. The market is also popularly known as the Real Food Market.

  4. Alfies Antique Market

    If you are looking for vintage clothes, collectables and antiques, this is the ideal destination. It is also popular for design pieces of the twentieth century. Alfies is regarded as the largest indoor market of its type in London. Vintage aficionados can pass the time browsing through more than seventy dealer shops spread over five floors. The shops are filled with a rich variety of products, from colourful trinkets to rare vintage finds. There is also a Rooftop Kitchen on the top floor, with an impressive panoramic view over London.

  5. Spitalfields Market

    This market provides a unique shopping experience and it feels like a mall within a market. It consists of a of chain restaurants such as the Real Greek and the Canteen. One side of the market consists of an arcade of eateries and shops and they are lined up with stalls that were known previously as Spitalfields. Another side of the market consists of a cross-section of stalls that make up the Old Spitalfields and these are the last of the remaining portions of the original market. On Sundays, there are many shops set up to sell designer leather bags and T-shirts, handmade clothes, jewellery and vintage accessories.

  6. Brick Lane Market

    Located in the East End of London, Brick Lane is a large flea market. It has street stalls that sell clothes, antiques and knick-knacks at real bargain prices. In the last sixteen years, Brick Lane has seen many markets open up within its area such as the Truman Market, Tea Rooms, Boiler House Food Hall, Sunday Upmarket, Backyard Market and the Vintage Market. They sell wares including handmade clothing, accessories, music, crafts, vintage items, jewellery, art pieces and delicious street food items. Food trucks are found in the market yard every day of the week. This market which is spread over many streets in the Brick Lane region offers both gems and junk items to visitors. There are many stalls that sell colourful Indian saris and exotic spices. Sunday is a good day to visit this market.

  7. Broadway Market

    This market is located in Hackney. It offers an assorted blend of goods that are sold by local farmers and artists. Visitors love to shop in this market for delicious ingredients and ready-made food, unusual clothes and an eclectic mix of gifts. They will also find furniture and lighting items in this market. Broadway Market is one of the ancient chartered markets in London. Shops and galleries will be found in this market, selling ceramics and local art. Broadway market offers unique merchandise at real affordable prices.

  8. Portobello Road Market

    A very popular market that is always buzzing with tourists, Portobello Road Market has become a famous institution in London. The market is crammed with vintage fashion stalls, antique dealers and memorabilia of a retro nature. It is located close to the Notting Hill Station and has a seemingly endless line of vendor shops along the Portobello Road as well as specialty antique dealers. Sometimes, you will find Jazz quartets entertaining the crowd on this road. Not to be outdone, fashionistas also visit in force, along with trendy teens. Visitors take photos at the Portobello Star, a popular cocktail hangout.

  9. Greenwich Market

    Considered to be one of the best covered markets in London, Greenwich Market has more than one hundred and twenty stalls. It is a historic market that is set within a World Heritage Site. The market is bordered by boutique and independent shops that offer established designer trends. With a vast array of take-away food, visitors to this market are spoilt for choice. The market houses a range of restaurants and gastro pubs and is considered to be one of the more exciting marketplaces in London. Centrally located among the scenic splendour of Greenwich Park, Greenwich Market attracts many tourists and locals that love organic produce. There are several sushi stalls in this market along with old-fashioned kiosks and designer stalls. Fruits and vegetable stalls can also be found here along with some antique shops.

  10. Camden Market

    Situated at the northern end of Camden Town, this market is made up of numerous markets that are collectively named ‘Camden Market’. The vintage shops in Camden Market are very popular with visitors who gleefully explore and uncover various hidden treasures. Along with its multicultural food stalls, the sprawling chain of markets in Camden Town offers a real glimpse of street culture. The market is always packed with tourists and collectors of items such as interior decoration curios, fashion goods, lava lamps and skull rings. It is also well-known as a great market for inexpensive T-shirts, jeans and accessories. Many vintage threads could be found in this market along with antiques and crafts.

The ten great markets listed here are a guide to the best markets in London. An adventurous way to shop in London is through its numerous colourful markets. Go ahead and visit a London market today for its down-to-earth but uplifting experience – and grab a bargain in the process.