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Top 10 Gyms in London

Top 10 Gyms in London

Gymnasiums have sprung up all over the city of London and they have revolutionized the way people exercise here. Working out has become a way of life for many, today. London has a vast range of gyms from state-of-the art spas with majestic swimming pools to local and dynamic places where you can exercise to get fit.

Here are the top ten gyms in London as compiled by our editorial team:

  1. The Third Space

    This gym is located in Soho and is spread over four separate levels, which are connected by open staircases made of steel. The facilities offered by this club include a boxing ring, a table tennis set on a glass floor above the swimming pool and a sky-lit climbing wall. The gym has the latest cardio equipment and free weights. Customers who want to compete at high altitudes can come here to prepare and work out in hypoxic chambers. The levels of oxygen supply are reduced in these chambers to simulate conditions that prevail at heights exceeding eight thousand feet above sea level. The Third Space also offers Pilates and Gyrotonic studios. There are 130 classes each week along with provisions of Wi-Fi access, gym kit laundry services and an integrated medical facility centre that offers complementary therapies.

  2. Speedflex

    This gym is located at Lombard Street and it has a plush and luxurious feel. It is known for its efficient and brutal workout techniques. Clientele have reported that they would end up with a red face within ten minutes of starting their routines. The exercise room features seven powerful machines that calculate your resistance levels depending on the force that is applied. The main focus in this gym is on high intensity workout without next day soreness. Speedflex prides itself in toning and leanness for its clientele, instead of building big muscles.

  3. Central YMCA

    Established in 1844 by YMCA and located in Fitzrovia, Central YMCA is a hot favourite among people who live in the West End. It has become popular on account of its relatively cheaper membership rates. It offers a Pilates Studio that is fully equipped with a huge cardio theatre and latest equipment for resistance training. This gym is known for providing all possible types of activity and workout routines, including boxing. The gym houses a twenty-five metre swimming pool that is divided for the purpose of lane swimming. It is the largest gym facility in central London.

  4. Gymbox

    This gym is located centrally at Covent Garden. It offers some of the smartest workout regimen in London, its `Tour de Holborn’ spinning class is a hit with customers. It offers compact spaces that combine the atmosphere of state-of-the-art gym facilities with the feel of a nightclub. There is also a boxing ring which dominates the main area along with a huge movie screen. The free weights section is impressive and there are a couple of exercise studios and a spinning studio.

  5. Barry’s Bootcamp

    This gym is located at Bloomsbury and has been around since 1998. Barry’s Bootcamp prides itself as delivering The Best Workout in the World to A-list celebs, models, and even Olympic athletes. Their signature hour-long workouts include 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill routines and 25-30 minutes of strength training using free weights, resistance bands, medicine balls and other equipment. It is equipped with a long run of latest treadmills that could help you burn a thousand calories in no time and has a sweat dungeon in the basement.

  6. 1 Rebel

    This gym is situated at St. Mary’s Axe. It is considered a hip gym and has revolutionized the fitness industry in London. The fees are charged here on the basis of no-contract and pay as you train schemes. They have got rid of the old charging models and they are changing the place into a modern fitness destination that should be treated as a unit which is much more than an ordinary gym. There are personal trainers available in 1 Rebel and you can expect intense sessions of fitness here against a live entertainment background. The layouts are engineered to motivate and inspire. The boutiques have been designed to strike a balance between function and beauty. You will find a cold-pressed juice bar supplied by Roots & Bulbs as a post workout and grind courtesy. The ride sessions stretch for forty five minutes against a set of theme rides that are planned by the instructors. These riding sessions involve full body workouts without the use of hand weights.

  7. Bulgari Hotel Workshop Gym

    This gym is located at Knightsbridge and is part of the Bulgari Hotel. The Workshop Gym is considered a prime destination for all health and fitness buffs in London. It started a trend of a unique and comprehensive level of workout which is based on the `Framework’ assessment, which is an innovative way to measure your exercising routines. Framework assessment is a series of body measurements and evaluations, which help you build an ideal workout program. This system is a total departure from its competitors and it tends to bring to the fore, the core values of the gym. Creation of healthy minds and bodies is the ultimate aim of the trainers in this gym. The gym has been noted for its quality futuristic fitness ideals and praised by the Tatler Spa Guide. This is mainly due to its unique approach that concentrates at maximizing the health tone of its clients. Every trainer attempts to specialise in one-to-one training strategies that have been designed to refine the way the bodies of the gym’s clients feel and look.

  8. KX

    This gym is located at Draycott Avenue in the Chelsea region. The trainers at this gym believe that it is important for people to achieve a healthy and fit body along with a balanced life. This life fitness technique involves and recognises each component of the fitness training strategies and personal training so that individuals benefit by the equipment and services on offer. This type of an approach sets this gym apart from the mainstream techniques of physical training. The KX gym smells fresh with a wood fragrance, devoid of that typical smell of perspiration on wooden floors.

  9. The Berkeley Hotel Bamford Haybarn Spa and Gym

    This gym is located at Wilton Place. Berkeley Health Club & Spa offers the calm atmosphere of the countryside right in the heart of London. You can go up to the seventh floor in this hotel and relax by taking a dip in the pool at the rooftop which is open. Bamford Haybarn provides various treatments, which are supervised by personal trainers. It is just perfect for people who are seeking a retreat from their strenuous lifestyle. The spa believes in the philosophy of using only naturally sourced and organic ingredients so that both the body and the soul get energized. This is another great place to tone your body and build up an appetite with the help of its state-of-the-art equipment.

  10. Equinox Fitness Gym

    Located in Kensington, this gym is a hit with fitness enthusiasts in London. It was also rated as the best gym in the United States of America last year by Fitness Magazine. Equinox Fitness Gym is famous for its anti-gravity chamber an caters for a variety of clientele needs such as gait correction, a serene spa and luxurious treatment. The gym is situated in the Art Deco Derry & Toms Building which is recognised as Biba Fashion’s birthplace. It is right at the foot of the Royal Parks. It has an elliptical dome which is illuminated. This is a central architectural feature of this stunning space.

These are the top ten fitness centres this great city has to offer. Do let us know if there are others that could knock our top 10 off the list.