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The Odeon at the Lounge in London

The Odeon at the Lounge in London

The Odeon at the Lounge is a state-of-the-art cinema multiplex that offers movies in both 2D and 3D formats while offering student and family bargain deals. The Lounge is one of the latest projects from the chain of Odeon Cinemas. Visitors to the Odeon Cinema at the Lounge will have access to facilities like the IMAX auditorium, a bar lounge, a Costa coffee shop and Ben & Jerry kiosk for ice creams.

A Perfect Venue for that Special Date

There is a new concept in cinemas today known as an in-movie fine-dining concept: you are not only going to take your special one to the movies but you are also entertaining in terms of a decent dining experience. It is perhaps the first of its type in the European region. Cinema goers at Odeon will have access to menus planned by the famous Rowley Leigh of Le Café Anglais.

You can now expect to enjoy dinner at this luxury cinema while you watch a movie from the comfort of your cosy leather seat and sipping a mojito. You could try the venison chilli which is served in a puffy kind of taco basket. It has a chocolate rich depth in terms of flavour.

Customers enjoy the salsify fritters at the Odeon, Lounge – they are crisp on the outside and squidgy on the inside. Other popular items are the hot-dog-popcorn-float combos. The hot dogs are smoky and they have a meaty snap with a bed of onions. The French rolls are excellent and the salted popcorn is fresh along with float features such as Fever-Tree lemonade. The Odeon at the Lounge is a feast for all foodies at the flicks. It makes for a great dining experience on par with that of any quality restaurant.

A Pricey Relaxation?

The quality, service and ambience are reflected in the price. Those who do not wish to experience the Odeon Lounge will opt for the cheaper ticket available in the floor below. Food and drinks are charged extra. The bar lounge area is state-of-the-art design and there is a whole range of curvy sofas of leather that are arranged round this stand-alone bar section. Waiters clad in black bustle about, bringing you menus, taking orders and serving customers.


There are five screens at the Odeon, with each screen showing a different movie. You will only watch trailers before the main feature and not advertisements. There is plenty of leg room and a control panel which is arm-mounted so that you can call for food and beverage service.


Located in Whiteleys Shopping Centre at Queensway the Odeon cinema is managed by the Odeon UCI Cinemas Group under an ownership of Terra Firma Capital Partners. As far as market share goes, Odeon is now the largest chain of cinemas across the United Kingdom. The very first Odeon cinema was constructed by Oscar Deutsch at Brierley Hill in 1928 and it was initially known as the `Picture House’.

The Odeon at the Lounge in London




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