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The National Gallery

The National Gallery

The National Gallery can be described as the jewel in the crown in comparison to other famous galleries in London. Located at Trafalgar Square, in the City of Westminster , the gallery is spread over a huge area that is filled with paintings from Western Europe. They range from the period spanning 13th to the 19th centuries.

Established in 1824, the gallery has a collection of more than 2,300 paintings. National Gallery features among the most frequently visited art museums across the world. It ranks alongside other famous attractions such as the Musee du Louvre, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the British Museum.

What could be seen at the National Gallery?

Visitors and art enthusiasts will be delighted to see great works of art from masters such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, John Constable, Titian, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Turner, Renoir and Botticelli. Famous paintings like ‘Venus and Mars’ by Botticelli and `Sunflowers’ by Vincent van Gogh are featured in this art gallery. The paintings cover art periods from the Renaissance to Modern times. You will be amazed to see the number and the variety of paintings that are over five hundred years old. Its collection makes it one of the best art galleries in the world. Admission is free.

Audio guides are made available at the gallery in several languages. Children would be able to explore various family activities here. The National Gallery offers maps and audio tours that are especially designed for children.

The labyrinthine interior of this gallery is so vast that visitors often need a colour-coded map to navigate it and avoid getting lost. It may not be possible for visitors to view, admire and take in all the masterpieces in one day. The gallery welcomes visitors from Mondays to Thursdays from 1000 hours to 1800 hours and on Fridays; it is open till 2100 hours. This museum is close to Charing Cross tube station.

Special Exhibitions

At designated times in a year, special exhibitions are held here. For example, you could expect an `Impressionist Art’ display in an allotted hall where you can see works of the Impressionist masters such as Van Gogh, Degas, Monet and Seurat. You could also experience how Eugene Delacroix had a deep influence on a whole generation of artists after him, ranging from Kandinsky to Matisse in an exclusive exhibition that may be titled `Delacroix and the Rise of Modern Art’.

Facilities on offer at the Gallery

  • Accessible Parking
  • Designated Slots for Parking for the Disabled – this is available within fifty metres from the main entrance
  • Event Facilities
  • Drop-off Point for Guests just outside the main entrance
  • Outside catering is allowed at this venue
  • Tiered or raked seating is offered

The National Gallery




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