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Hyde Park

Hyde Park

Hyde Park is is one of the prestigious Royal Parks of London and one of the biggest parks you will come across in London. It is the largest among four parks that are part of the entrance of the Kensington Palace. These four parks are Kensington Gardens, Green Park, Hyde Park Corner and Hyde Park Proper. They cover a total of 19 hectares.

Hyde Park is huge and it is located centrally in London. It has about four thousand trees, an enormous lake and numerous rose gardens. Many people come to relax or to take a stroll. Cyclists are also present and use the designated cycle paths. The park has tennis courts, tracks for the purpose of horse riding and pitches and playgrounds for children and adults, alike.

The Division of Hyde Park

Hyde Park is split into two main sections by the Serpentine and Long water boundaries. These two divisions have winding pathways and they are surrounded by trees of different varieties. These gorgeous pathways are ideal for cycling, jogging and roller blading. The lush gardens in Hyde Park are maintained carefully and they are home to many birds and other forms of wildlife.

The Scope of the Park

There are many resting area with benches and as the park is an enormous one, restrooms have been placed at convenient locations throughout its expanse. There are some food stands and restaurants by the lakeside that give you the view of people boating in the lake. The park has three lakes. There are some secluded spots for those who wish to get away from crowds.

Some families come to this Park to spend the entire day. At various times of the year, special festivals are held in this park. Music concerts are held, usually during summer. Many open air events are also held at various times of the year.

Hyde Park is also home to numerous fascinating monuments and buildings like the Joy of Life Fountain, the Achilles Statue at Hyde Park Corner, the Diana Memorial Fountain and the Serpentine Bridge.

Hyde Park has something to offer to everyone: from cycling, swimming, boating or skating to ice skating between the months of November and January.

Hyde Park




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