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Department of Coffee and Social Affairs at Farringdon

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs at Farringdon

Located at 14-16, Leather Lane in Farringdon, the unique Department of Coffee and Social Affairs café is a big attraction in Leather Lane.

Farringdon is a locality that is considered as one of the `week day’ regions that bustles with life from morning to evening on Mondays to Fridays. The café began operations in 2010 and its owners have also launched four more specialty cafes across London.

The Department of Coffee and social affairs was designed exclusively by coffee artists and professionals. The entire architecture has been remodeled in the ironmonger style. The main focus at the time of its building was on setting up a social hub for workers and residents of this vibrant neighbourhood who are coffee lovers. This café was eventually carved out into two main areas using its brick walls. Interplay was provided by these structural walls to offer space for an intimate kind of booth along with a meeting room. There is another broad area that offers communal seating.

Not many of its customers are aware that the Department of Coffee has always been inclined towards work of a charitable nature. They support all vulnerable artists and they have recently come up with a scheme to provide training that is niche café-based so that employment and empowerment opportunities could be created for all deprived communities in the South African region.


Customers consider the coffee served here to be great as it is exquisitely roasted. It has a delicious citrus flavour topped with velvet cream on the espressos. The flat whites look silky and proper. You can also get a great cup of cappuccino here. It is creamy and smooth and has an excellent micro-foam. Coffee lovers from all over would appreciate the aroma of roasted coffee as it permeates the air and the taste of ground coffee. Prices are in line with the demographics of the area, so expect to spend a bit more than the bog-standard coffee shop.


Sandwiches and light snacks are on the menu. While there is nothing special about the food, the fudge cake served here is delicious. It is a popular item after a light snack.


The service provided at the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is professional and courteous. The staff can be described as friendly and engaging. You can even get barista training here with guides on coffee making. This café can be considered as a social hub for this locality. The Social Affairs hub has a few meeting rooms.


The ambience is rather pleasant and the large windows give it a fresh and light look. A good selection of music complements the fine coffee and the raw brick walls. The décor is of the classic style that adorns some of the more sophisticated establishments in London. The chairs are comfortable and dark wood complements white walls.

The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is an exciting place that lives up to its reputation for great coffee while being a social hub for Farringdon.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs at Farringdon




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