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The Most Interesting Art Museums in London

The Most Interesting Art Museums in London

London is home to some of the most famous and historical art museums and galleries. The museums particularly express the true culture of England combined with modern architecture and annual events to attract millions of tourists from the world over.

Here is a list of the most interesting and top-rated art museums in London:


If you are fond of decorative arts or wish to study this form of art, the V&A museum in London is for you. The V&A is short for Victoria and Albert (named after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert) and this museum is home to over 4.5 million works of art. It houses many forms of decorative arts including sculptures, ceramics, photography and miniatures. The galleries are arranged in a chronological manner so that you can easily trace them back to British history.

National Gallery

Located in one of the oldest buildings of this city making it even more attractive, the National Gallery exhibits more than 2,000 amazing works of art featuring masterpieces from almost every European school of art you can think of. Its Italian wing is particularly worth mentioning with paintings by world-famous painters from Italy including Giotto.

Design Museum

A twist to conventional forms of art, this museum offers masterpieces from various industries like fashion design, architecture, industrial design, and modern graphics including multimedia and digital graphics. Anyone with an interest in any of these fields will enjoy their time visiting this great museum in London.

Imperial War Museum

If you want to see the original twentieth century art and remains from World War I and the World War II, this museum is a must-visit. The Imperial War Museum is housed in one of the most imposing historical buildings of London. You will see many war-related artifacts and machinery, war literature, and many other interesting and awe-inspiring objects. There are many branches of this museum, out of which three are located in London. This museum was opened to the public in 1920. There are documents as well as video materials and photographs from the war times that record that period of history.

Courtauld Institute of Art

This one is not really a museum but it is an organisation specialising in offering history of art courses to its students. You can pay a visit to the Courtauld Gallery if you want to see the masterpieces from the institute comprising paintings, sculptures, sketches and many other forms of art. Many people are interested in visiting this museum for its collection of French Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings.

No city in the world can beat London for the number of art galleries and museums, some of which are the oldest in the world. Check out the above-mentioned art museums if you’re a true fan of art and history.