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The Best Sports Bars in London

The Best Sports Bars in London

Sports bars are quickly gaining in popularity in London owing to their many interesting features. These bars and pubs differ from traditional bars in a way that they cater to the needs of a sports enthusiast by providing not just a big TV screen but also live coverage of all the important sports events. Moreover, some of these bars also offer ping pong, pool and snooker tables, spacious private areas for parties, and grill and fast food options.

Here is a list of some of the best sports bars in London.

Bar Kick

Bar Kick is dedicated to showing football matches including live Premiership, UEFA Champions League, and football World Cup. You will also find lots of memorabilia here and enjoy a quality time with your friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Located at Shoreditch, it is one of those places that you must visit not just because you’re a sports fan but also to enjoy the world-class drinks and cocktails that you would not be able to find anywhere else.

Carlsberg Sports Bar

If you want to see your favourite match live in a restaurant-like setting mostly found in Central London pubs and bars, Carlsberg is for you. You can book ahead for the major sporting events because the venue usually gets jam-packed when there is a football or tennis tournament. The bar also offers casual gambling to those who enjoy this pastime along with great food and a very comfortable environment.

Famous 3 Kings

If you want to enjoy a true sports bar with many screens showing live international sports events, the Famous 3 Kings is the place to visit. This bar is proud to offer over 71,000 TV channels to its visitors, covering not just football but rugby and cricket as well. It is also quite inexpensive when it comes to grabbing refreshments and drinks for an entertaining evening with loved ones.

Frankie’s Sports Bar & Diner

If you are a fan of Italian cuisine, this sports bar is for you. It features 12 big HD screens for showing many different sports events including golf, football, soccer, and cricket. It is located at Stamford Bridge, which is a convenient location for many sports fans. Its list of celebratory cocktails and drinks is quite impressive and so is the list of appetizers and burgers.

Elk Bar

A pub turned into a sports bar, Elk Bar is a place in Fulham you’re going to love. It is not only famous among London residents but also tourists and foreigners from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Get ready to watch Formula 1 racing events as well as football matches, tennis tournaments, and Australian Football League (AFL) all live with your friends and other sports enthusiasts. The bar also offers amazing BBQ items to entertain those who get hungry along the way.

Check out these bars and pubs if you want to have some real fun with your friends for football, cricket matches, major rugby leagues, Olympics coverage, and tennis tournaments.