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Staying Healthy while you are on Holiday in London

Staying Healthy while you are on Holiday in London

Your health is a vitally important factor in enjoying your holiday. Therefore, when you are on holiday, it is a good idea to plan to stay healthy. Some people might not find it easy to stay healthy and fit during their holiday in London. It might be hard to resist the alluring variety of drinks and the irresistible cornucopia of exotic and delicious cuisines readily available in this exciting city. Nevertheless, it is advisable to consciously stay fit and healthy during your holiday, otherwise, you might have to hit the gym hard afterwards just to shed the excess weight you acquired!

It is not that tough to incorporate healthy eating and a bit of natural exercise into your tour so that you can enjoy your holiday more. This means that you do not have to abstain from the lovely dishes beckoning you. You will only have to make choices that are sensible in order to stay healthy during your trip.

First, as a visitor to London, it is recommended that you are selective about your breakfast. For example, instead of trying out the entire buffet spread at your hotel, you could opt for a slim selection of fruits, yoghurt, and a smoothie for breakfast. If you stay in a self-service apartment, you could buy some bananas, nuts, spinach, pineapple and a selection of berries from a local market and blend them if you have a travel blender. For this reason, it is wise to take a blender with you when you plan to stay in a self-service apartment on your holiday.

If there is a possibility that you might be a little bit tired and hungry by noon, indulge in some healthy snacks instead of trying out a three course meal for lunch. You can take with you, some snacks that are rich in protein and that will give you some energy.

As you visit various spots during the day, you have to keep yourself hydrated at regular intervals by drinking water. You could also try out fine English tea whenever an opportunity arises. It is advisable to limit alcohol to evenings and it is also smarter to adhere to the same choice of drinks. If you have a penchant for ales and lager, do realise that they are packed with calories, so do limit your consumption. Occasionally, you may also have to avoid desserts at supper time and refrain from satisfying your sweet tooth. During an average touring day, you may have to keep the cake stops and your coffee cups to the minimum. Generally, budget travellers end up eating a lot of carbohydrates and less of protein in order to manage with their travel dollars or pounds. This can lead to a number of health issues while on a holiday. It is good to remember that proteins help with the resistance of infections while they also rebuild your muscles.

It is also recommended to have your travel wash bag stuffed with the obligatory skincare products. These products may include ultra-violet protective skin creams, a bottle of coconut oil, lip balm and moisturising creams. Anti-bacterial gel will be useful when you are in places where you are likely to be exposed to germs.

Wherever possible, walk instead of depending on trains, buses, hire cars or taxis. This works out perfectly for London city breaks as many attractions are in close proximity to one another. You will be able to see sights better and also keep fit at the same time.

Finally, in order to stay healthy while you are on holiday in London, make sure that you drink and eat within limits; binge eating and drinking should be off-limits. London is a relatively safe city, but it is advisable to ensure that you also do your own bit to stay safe. Choose safe transportation when moving around and ensure your personal security at all times. One important thing that you cannot forget in your bid to stay healthy in London is an umbrella. It can rain sometimes without any warning and frequently during a day; so listen to the weather forecast, be prepared and do not get drenched as this could lead to a cold, which other members of your travelling group will not be willing to share with you!