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Keeping Kids Happy On Your London Vacation

Keeping Kids Happy On Your London Vacation

London can be a big playground for kids of all ages, you just need to know where to look. There are free activities for kids of all age groups including toddlers and pre-schoolers as well as big kids and teens. These are both fun and educational and therefore help to keep kids happy throughout your London vacation.

Children do enjoy parks and London has some of the best and well-maintained parks in the world. For instance, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is suitable for young as well as older kids. All can have great fun simply splashing about in the fountains. Crystal Palace Park is another attraction for kids featuring life-sized dinosaurs and of course, ample space in which to run around. Other parks to explore in London include Coram’s Field, Mudchute Farm and Park, St. James’ Park, and Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground to name a few.

For older kids who might appreciate art, a visit to the museums and galleries in London is essential. The National Gallery is a must-see for all family members especially their story-telling sessions for children aged between two and five. Parents are allowed to accompany children during these sessions.

With its thousands of shops, London can be a shopper’s paradise. Some older children might enjoy shopping, especially if there is something in it for them – a gift perhaps. Some shopping centres in London, such as Brent Cross and Westfield offer entertaining activities for kids so that their parents could go shopping.

Museums in London can be especially fascinating and educational for children and many schools organise school trips for these reasons. Some of these include the Natural History Museum, Ragged School Museum, National Maritime Museum, British Museum, Science Museum, and Royal Museums Greenwich. Children enjoy trips to these museums because there is so much to discover, play with and learn while being entertained by some of the multimedia presentations.

Children tend to get cranky when they do not get enough sleep or when they are hungry or thirsty. Head this off by ensuring that they get plenty of sleep time and start their day with a healthy breakfast. When children are well-fed, they are more energetic and hence enjoy the visit more. There are many restaurants in London that are child-friendly.

To make your visit to London more memorable, you could ask the older kids to take pictures using a simple digital camera or the camera on their smart phones. You can also encourage them to keep a daily journal and document their experiences, including the positives and some of the negatives and suggest improvements.