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Family Shopping in London

Family Shopping in London

London is unquestionably a shopping paradise not just for individual travellers but also for families and couples. There are a number of child-friendly shopping centres that offer fun activities for kids of all ages so that the entire family can have a great time vacationing in this most vibrant of cities.

Moreover, many of the malls are pushchair friendly, which means that parents with babies and toddlers will not have any problem with buggies or strollers. Some supermarkets, shopping centres and amusement parks in London do operate family-friendly features such as special spaces for shoppers with prams.

Shopping can get really stressful and protracted with bored children in tow. There are many and shopping centres that offer some form of entertainment for children, just to keep them occupied while parents shop in peace.

In addition to being pushchair-friendly, Westfield London offers a kids’ club with lots of discount offers and many other benefits, kiddy cars that can be hired for an entire day, and a specially designed play area for the little ones called Playworld. You can even leave your children here, shop to your heart’s content and then come back to collect them.

Brent Cross Shopping Centre is also a family-friendly shopping centre in London. There are child-friendly restaurants with good food for both adults and children. Management at Brent Cross offers Stay Safe Bands to be worn on the wrists of children so that even if they get lost in the crowd they can be safely returned to their parents.

There is also a play area for younger children in Brent Cross known as Topsy Turvy World. It is worth a visit because of its slides, tunnels, climbs, jumping mats, etc.