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Who will give up the chance of getting freebies in London? All good things do not necessarily come at a high price. Free things do exist in London. It could be a freebie that involves dining and wining at a fine restaurant or it could be free furniture from an online flea market. This may come as a big surprise but London does have many freebies on offer.

Here is a list of some great freebies in London

  • London Freedom Pass

    This pass offers free and discounted travel on transport modes in London and it includes the Underground, Buses and the National Rail. Eligibility for such passes would be rising in line with the women’s State Pension age

  • A Grand View from the Shard

    There are sights on offer in London from locations such as Radio at ME London or Vertigo 42 but they will be heavy on your wallet. However, there is a viewing tower which may not be the most comfortable place for an experience but it is worth your while to take in the London skyline without paying a penny. This is a five-star atmosphere; you may have to pay if you want to lounge and have a drink. Though the drinks will be a tad expensive, the layout of the terrace lounge allows visitors to sneak in unnoticed and walk over to the quieter side of the bar where the viewing area still extends. You will observe the attention of the staff in the bar will be purely focused on the sofa occupiers. So, it is possible for you to get up there and enjoy the stunning view while soaking in the ambience without spending anything.

  • Free sampling of liquor

    There are places in London where you can get free samples and wit good quality to boot. The key is to go up-market and you are more likely to receive these freebies. For example, some bars of prime hotels which specialise in niche drinks will be proud to offer part of their collections. You will be receive generous samples to taste and help you decide. You may be tempted to buy the drinks after tasting them. An example of such an up-market place would be Hedonism at Mayfair. It is a great place to sample some of the finest wines that you may come across in the world. Vinoteca at Marylebone is another place that is well known for giving tasters. The Beaufort Hotel at Chelsea is also famous for its free bar for its guests where they have to mix their own drinks and they will not be charged for them.

  • Free Cheese Sampling

    One of the greatest places to indulge in a feast of cheese sampling in London is at the Neal’s Yard Dairy in Covent Garden. Its friendly staff entertain the visitors with a wholly generous assortment of delicious cheese bites and often, five or more samples can really turn into a feast. It is another matter that you may not be able to walk away without actually buying the delicious cheese and you may not regret doing so. If you are near Covent Garden and would not mind a little cheese break, this is the place to visit.

  • Sumptuous Ice Cream for Free

    There are two places in London that are well known for free sampling of sumptuous ice cream. They are the Gelato Mio and Scoop. They are among the best places to visit if you are looking for gelateries in London. These places are considered extremely generous when it comes to offering free samples in the finest Italian tradition. You can call their ice cream flavours luxurious and delicious. They will be rotating their flavours constantly to keep up with the seasonal changes. People love the Cioccalata extra Fondente at Scoop for an ultimate ice cream experience. It is a multi-sensory event for you.

  • Free Cinema Entries

    You will be amazed that you can get a chance to grab free tickets in normal cinemas in London. There are a few websites that specialise in giving away free cinema tickets for couples. You could try `Firmdale Film Club’ or `One Aldwych’. You will be lucky if you also get dinner along with the free screening.

  • Free Cultural Extravaganza

    People who would like to indulge in luxurious cultural activities will find an opportunity in London to experience some events without paying. If you love opera and classical music, you do not have to always attend the expensive performances. London offers several free options for the culture buff. At the Royal Opera House, you can attend free lunchtime recitals on Mondays. Then, there are commuter concerts all over this city and they include free lunchtime concerts, particularly at the St. Martin-in-the-Fields performances at Charing Cross; speaking of which, you are instantly reminded of Sir Neville Marriner. Some amateur opera singers will hold concerts, free of charge, in Covent Garden. At the lobby of the South Bank Centre at the Sofitel St. James, you may come across live piano music while you lounge around. You will also come across an interesting display of art pieces here. People who love to visit museums would come across `Museum Lates’; these are evening openings, once every month, with special performances and events that are free of charge for visitors.

  • Free Afternoon Tea

    Visitors may have experienced that generally an afternoon cup of tea at some hotels in London is an expensive affair. If you look around in the UK Tea Guild’s afternoon tea venues, you would observe that tea prices are exorbitant. However, you will come across an exception in the form of the Beaufort. It offers an afternoon tea experience on a complimentary basis within ultra luxury surroundings and ambience. You will get luxury cream tea with scones and it is offered every day to the hotel guests and their visitors, free of charge.