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Top 10 Attractions in London

London England is famous for its many tourist attractions and historic sites. We have listed ten of the most popular attractions here, as well as attempted to give you a little insight about each one. There are many more tourist attractions located in London. You may or may not agree with what we have listed so if you know of an attraction or historic site not on the list, we want you to know that it was not purposefully omitted.

This list covers a wide range of activities for you and your family to participate in regardless of what your personal tastes may be. If there are only one or two attractions on the list which suit you, remember that there many more places where you can just go to enjoy the scenery, participate in interactive events, follow history, or shop. These are just a small fraction of available activities.

There will always be a new place for you to visit or a different activity to enjoy on your vacation in London. The long history and tradition of the city make each stop interesting and enjoyable.

  1. The Tower of London

    The Tower of London has served many different purposes in the course of its existence. It has seen service as a prison, a zoo, an armory, a treasury, palace, and fortress. It was used as a prison during the 16th, and 17th centuries.

  2. If you want to get a firsthand view of the crown jewels you will see them there. They are on public display and guarded by Beefeaters. The Beefeaters also serve as tour guides for your event. The viewing of the crown jewels alone is well worth the trip, but the tower offers many other attractions.

    The Tower of London is said to be haunted by the ghost of Ann Boleyn, and also houses the crypt of Saint John’s Chapel. Ann Boleyn was one of the wives of King Henry VIII. She was brought up on charges of treason and beheaded when the king decided that he wanted a different wife.

  3. Westminster Abbey

    It seems that everyone in the world has heard of Westminster Abbey. I would think that this is a must see attraction for all who have never been to London. It is a traditional gothic church. It still has all of the traditional Gothic trappings, so a visit there will take you back to that magical time. The church has a graveyard which contains the graves of notable people such as: Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Samuel Johnson, and Geoffrey Chaucer. The College Gardens, which is the oldest garden in England, and possibly the world, is located there along with some very notable statues and monuments. Keep in mind that we are talking about a building which is almost 1,000 years old.

  4. London Eye

    The London Eye is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. At first glimpse, it appears to be a Ferris wheel, but it is actually known as a cantilevered observation wheel. You will be able to see as far as the Windsor Castle once you get to the top of the lift, which is the reason it is called the eye. If you want to have a little bit of fun and enjoy a breathtaking, spectacular view of London, this is a must see attraction. The Eye’s wonderful view is accomplished with the aid of 32 capsules, which can take approximately 800 visitors at the same time.

  5. London Bridge

    London Bridge is another world icon. Many people all over the world, who have never even thought of going to London have heard of this iconic bridge. This attraction in all probability, is associated with more history than any other attraction in London. It has a history of violence, battles, and triumph. The bridge is rated as the scariest attraction in London. There have been many recorded incidents of poltergeist activities there. Some of the notable attractions of the bridge include the traitor’s gate house, the Chapel of Thomas Beckett, and the London Tombs.

  6. Tower Bridge

    Built in 1894, Tower Bridge is one of the most visited attractions in London. The bridge features a glass floor walkway, and an interactive exhibition which informs tourists about its history and features, which have been added over time.

  7. Hampton Court Palace

    Hampton Court Palace became the property of King Henry VIII in the 1520’s. Once he got it, he added more to it, and later occupants have continued to do so over the years. The palace is a wonderful attraction in itself and contains many beautiful gardens which are just as much of, if not more, of an attraction. Some of the additional attractions of the palace are; The Great Vine vineyard, The Maze, the Tudor Kitchen, and Hampton Court Gardens. Henry VIII’s crown is also there on display. Hampton Court Palace is another attraction for paranormal activities with its own associated ghosts.

  8. Madam Tussaud’s

    Madam Tussad’s Wax Museum is another must see attraction. It was opened in London in 1835 and has a very interesting and unique history. Marie Strasbourg, who later became Marie Tussard, was the owner and founder. She was an artist and started the museum as the result of her acquired hobby of creating impressions of famous people. Her first creations were victims of the French Revolution as well as criminals and murderers from that era. The modern attraction includes wax figures of statesmen, politicians, athletes, actors, and many other celebrities. Marie had been the art tutor to King Louis’s XVI’s sister, and during the French revolution she and her mother were imprisoned on their return to Paris. She was forced to make death masks of different prominent figures in the revolution in order to prove her allegiance remained with the French.

  9. London Zoo

    London Zoo has been in existence since 1847 and provides a sanctuary for a very large number of animal species. It also has interactive exhibits, and live shows. It features a large walk-through spider enclosure. It also features a penguin beach and pool, where you can watch Penguins behave as they would in their natural habitat. It contains many species of African and Asian animals such as lions and Gorillas. Animals are placed in an environment which resembles their natural habitat as much as possible. The purpose being to give you an actual feel for what life in the wild is actually like.

  10. Buckingham Palace

    All of the attractions listed here are must see attractions, but Buckingham Palace is the one that you really can’t afford to miss from your schedule. Buckingham Palace defines the country because it is actually the residence of the Queen. All of the pomp and ceremony associated with the country originates there. The original palace was a townhouse which was built in 1703 for the Duke of Buckingham. Buckingham Palace has been the residence of the reigning British monarch for almost 200 years. If there were an ideal time to visit Buckingham Palace it would be during the months of August and September. The palace has 19 State rooms, which the Royal Family actually use to entertain guests. It is open to the public during these months because the Queen is on her annual visit to Scotland – Balmoral Castle.

  11. Kensington Palace

    Kensington Palace is another palace which is an active royal residence. It has been a royal residence since the 17th century. It currently serves as the residence for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Some notable attractions of this palace are: the Orangery, Queen Caroline’s Cabinet of Curiosities, and a beautiful staircase which was created in the 16th century. It features paintings of King George I and his Court, Queen Mary’s State Apartments, and expansive, beautiful, impeccably manicured palace gardens. There are many known history tidbits about the palace. It was the childhood home of Queen Victoria, Handel was once invited there to perform a concert for King George II, and one of the books of Da Vinci’s drawings was discovered there.

  12. Conclusion

    London is arguably one of the best tourist destinations in the world, if not the very best. From the limited list above, you can agree with us that a vacation to this great city is well worth your while. There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy. The city offers everything from inside events, miles of gardens, shops, activities, eating places and watering holes for you to explore.

We have listed 10 attractions which we feel are the best that the city has to offer, but it has not been easy to arrive at our decision. As a matter of fact, if the list contained a top 25 it would have been just almost as difficult to compile. If you feel that there are other attractions we should have added to our top 10, then drop us a line. We will be happy to consider them.