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Advertise with us

LondonCityIndex.com is a gateway for business owners and agencies to reach hot prospects with highly disposable income, focused on enjoying London and its many attractions. We attract a high quality and diverse set of visitors including new and existing residents, tourists, short-term visitors, tour operators, business owners, and a variety of others.

Advertising with us is always a win-win business decision: you raise your visibility by getting the right number of eyeballs to your advert, and we satisfy the requirements of our eager visitors so that they keep coming back. Use LondonCityIndex.com to engage with a targeted audience, generate leads, strengthen your brand, and engineer your profitability with a tailored advertising campaign. If you are a merchant seeking greater exposure and sales among some of the most targeted and qualified customers online, then we are happy to hear from you. If you are a business owner or a merchant with affiliate programs running with established affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Google Affiliate Network, PepperJam, etc., we are equally happy to be of assistance.

Create your own advertisement or get us to create it for you. Our team will work with you to deliver your advertising and marketing requirements, ensuring that that you get the exposure you need. You can sell almost any item through our websites at low prices.

Types of advertisement and campaign on our site

Business listing

Listing your business on LondonCityIndex.com helps generate leads and drive customers to your business. Please note that to ensure the quality of this directory, all listings are reviewed before approval.

Why LondonCityIndex.com?

Fast and easy search: Customers are able to easily find your business wither by name, by category, or through a keyword search.

Premium service

We create a page for your company with images, textual content, and contact details for your business. We actively promote companies listed on LondonCityIndex.com and we apply the latest Search Engine Optimisation techniques, so that your business appears higher in search engines. Result:
customers are able to find your business easily, and can contact you.


Our responsive design means that your company information looks just as good on phones and tablets as it does on your PC.


LondonCityIndex.com uses the latest SEO techniques to help your company rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. Our site is ranked on Google, Bing and other major search engines for a huge variety of keywords and key phrases. These keywords and key phrases relate to your business, which means that when potential visitors type them into the search engines, they are likely to land on a page in our directory, which happens to feature your business.

Listing Instructions

Bronze – Free (link to what you get for Bronze)

Silver – £15 – one-time fee (link to what you get for Silver)

Gold – £25 – annual fee (link to what you get for Gold)


Bronze listings are positioned below any silver and gold listings on the LondonCityIndex.com directory.

Bronze listing includes

  • Your company name

  • Contact details

  • Logo

  • Micro Page

  • Up to 200 words of information

  • Location Map

Click here to add a bronze listing for your business.


Silver listings are displayed in alphabetical order and positioned below gold listings on the LondonCityIndex.com directory.

Silver listing includes

  • Your company name

  • Contact details

  • Logo

  • Contact us Form

  • Up to 200 words of information

  • Micro page

  • Location map

  • Web Address

  • A text hyperlink to your website – this is a powerful link juice

  • Featured Listing

  • Up to 800 more words

  • Click here to add a silver listing for your business.


Gold listings are displayed in alphabetical order and on top of the listings on the LondonCityIndex.com directory.

Gold listing includes

  • Your company name

  • Contact details

  • Logo

  • Contact us Form

  • Up to 200 words of information

  • Micro page

  • Plus one category

  • Location map

  • Web Address

  • A text hyperlink to your website – this is a powerful link juice

  • Featured Listing

  • Featured Listing

  • Up to 1,000 more words

  • Banner adverts on micro page + 1

  • High placement and visibility

  • Multi-site banner rotation scheme

  • Web assistance

  • Click here to add a gold listing for your business.

Banner advertising

There are three sizes of banner adverts available on the LondonCityIndex.com directory directory:

  1. Traditional Banner – 800 x 80px – appears at the top of the website, next to our logo
  2. Skyscraper Banner – 160 x 600px – appears on the left hand side of each page
  3. Leaderboard Banner – 728x90px – appears at the foot of each page

Contact us for pricing as each banner varies in price depending on the number of pages you wish them to appear on and whether or not you prefer exclusivity.

Request Banner Listing to add a banner listing for your business.


One of our activities at LondonCityIndex is to organise a number of events annually. We expect our delegates to be high quality and diverse and to comprise visitors, local business owners, investors, and thought leaders among many others. When you associate your business with LondonCityIndex.com events, you get exposure to this audience and align your business to our brand.

You may also be interested in our sponsored posts, which provide a native opportunity to get your messaging across to our sophisticated audience. We will ensure that your sponsored article will appear in alignment with all other content on the site.

Click here for more information and to enquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Sell your car, house, or unwanted items

Advertise your unwanted items – turn your unwanted items into cash in our classifieds section. It’s really easy, simple and fast.

Click here to begin selling now.

Job vacancy posting

Use our job listings to advertise your company to potential new recruits. This is the ideal option to fill your job vacancy quickly. It is a user-friendly platform that offers recruiters and jobseekers the chance to connect.


  • Increased visibility of your coupons, deals, and promos

  • Advertorial on our blog

  • Solo emails to our members

  • Sponsorship opportunities for our promotions

  • Home page placement for greater conversion by our visitors

  • Listing as a ‘Top Store’

  • Featured coupon, store and brand

  • Inclusion in our newsletter emailed to our members

Contact us

For more information on how to partner with us to generate more sales, contact us using this form:
Contact us We will work together with you to create a cost-effective advertising campaign that will get amazing results for you.